Dear Charlottesville community,

While I didn’t win a seat on the School Board, I’m glad our campaign was able to bring important issues, such as investing in educational equity through preschool, to the forefront of conversations about our district. I learned a lot from talking with our neighbors during the campaign, and the work of listening and then acting to solve problems continues.

We must be vigilant in advocating for more funding for schools and more pay for teachers and for policies that recognize and address systemic racism in our schools. We must fight for resources for our children and policies that support their wellbeing and give all students opportunities that will lead to self-sustaining careers.

In her book The Dreamkeepers, Gloria Ladson-Billings wrote,

Often during my travels to speak with educators and parent groups there is a sense of pessimism regarding the enormity of the task before us… But mine is not a message of despair. It is one of hope. Perhaps like Cornel West says, it is “hope on a tightrope” but it is still hope. I remind my audience that we are teaching the brightest, most creative children the world has ever seen.

With that hope, we must continue working for equity in our schools and providing students with what they need to grow strong and prepared for bright futures.

Thank you to everyone who took time to tell me about your experience with Charlottesville City Schools. I am grateful you trusted me with your stories, and I am glad to be part of this community.

With warmest wishes

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