Statement of endorsement by Juandiego Wade

Christa Bennett is the Get Stuff Done candidate. From leading the effort to build a playground for Walker Upper Elementary to lobbying for changes that made our district’s Wellness Policy stronger, Christa works hard until she achieves success. Christa is the parent of two children in Charlottesville City Schools, and she cares about making our schools work for all students. When faced with a decision as a board member, Christa will evaluate options through the lens of promoting racial and social justice. She is committed to hearing the community’s needs and acting on them. I have worked with Christa for several years and know that when she says she is committed, she means it.

Christa has the experience necessary to support Charlottesville students: as COO of Strive for College, she helps provide students with college and career counseling, and she will lead our district in graduating students who are competitive for college and job opportunities.

Because of her passion and experience and because she Gets Stuff Done, I am endorsing Christa Bennett for Charlottesville City School Board.